Affinity Photo – How To Stitch Panoramas

Affinity photo has a great panorama stitching tool. If you have Lightroom you can stitch panoramas in there but panoramas can create blank spaces above and below your image which you will have to crop out.

I have recently moved from Lightroom to capture one which doesn’t have a panorama tool built in. However affinity photo has saved the day. It will stitch you photos together give you a preview where you will see spaces above and below your image. You can either crop there out. Our you can use content aware fill to fill in the blank spaces above. So you do not lose any height in your image.

First open affinity photo.

Go to ‘File‘, ‘New Panorama‘.

Click ‘Add‘ and select all the images you require. (A great thing with affinity is you can stitch more than one panorama at a time but we will stick with one for now).

Once you have all your photos that you would like to stitch together click ‘Stitch Panorama‘ wait a few mins for the software to work its magic (these were raw files). Then click ‘OK‘.

Once your panorama has rendered you will notice areas witch are transparent like below. You can use the ‘Crop Tool‘ to remove these. On this panorama however I will only crop of the sides of the image as I do not want to decrease the height of the image.

Instead of cropping off the top and bottom missing areas. I will use the ‘Inpaint Missing Areas‘ feature before clicking ‘Apply‘. This will inpaint all the missing areas making it so I can keep the height. This works great for sky’s and sea’s as these are simple areas for the software to match.

After clicking ‘Apply‘ wait for the software to work its magic to fill in the areas that are missing. Once it has finished double check everything has worked out as it should then you can move on to editing as you like.

I hope this has helped you in creating your own panoramas in Affinity Photo. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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