Save Time. Use BlackBox.

Its only stock footage for me now after I stopped uploading stock images to multiple sites. I am only uploading stock footage to 1 website which distributes to multiple sites for me. Saving me so much time in the long run to do more things in my spare time.

It may just be me but going in to the stock image game it’s a little late in the day with how saturated it is (Unless you can find a niche that will sell alot or you dont mind uploading masses of images). I suppose the stock footage will be not far behind but I think the cost will stay higher than what images have fallen to.

I am using a website called blackbox. You upload your files to this site input all your metadata (use excel and upload it’s a lot quicker they have a template you can use). Then they review your clips and once ok they upload to multiple agencies.

The following are a few points i think most people will be interested in knowing about BlackBox.

What Agencies does BlackBox use ?

Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Pond5, Storyblocks and VimeoStock.

How do you get paid ?

They process payouts via PayPal on the 20th of every month for revenue accrued during the previous month. So if you sell a clip in January you get paid in February. There does not seem to be a limit you have to reach either. I sold 1 clip last month which i recieved $27 roughly which was paid to my paypal the following month.

What cut does BlackBox take ?

Their commission rate is 15% of NET sales and only when your content sells. So on a $80 clip sale where the stock agency takes $48 (60%), leaving $32 (40%) for the contributor commission, BlackBox would get $4.80 and you would get $27.20. You could upload to all the agencies above your self but this takes more time. If you are in a full time job and doing this on the side. Your free time is valuable, you dont want to be sat in front of a computer all day on your days off. Uploading and typing in metadata.

Collaboration with other creators:

Another good thing about blackbox is you are able to colab with other creators. One person can capture the clips and the other person can do all the metadata. You can set the percentage of ownership for each clip and if it sells each person gets the correct share of sale straight away. No need for one person to get all the money then having to deal with sending the correct amount over to the other person.

If you are interested in this way of getting into the stock footage game please click the button below which is a referral link to the BlackBox website to sign up. Or use the referral code JHYYRDBM when signing up it will let the company know you have heard of them through me and hopefully i will receive a little kickback for introducing you. If you do sign up let me know I would love to do collaborations with other creators. We can all help each other hopefully earn a passive income.