The Fujicast: My New Favourite Podcast.

Currently I am sat in a hospital in the U.K. waiting for my partner to come out of surgery. So I thought instead of wasting time on social media I would do something creative.

About a month a go. I switched my whole camera system from Canon to Fujifilm. Best move I’ve made for hybrids shooting but that’s another story.

After switching the the XT-3. I was searching all over the web, to learn how to use the camera. The usual place ‘Youtube’. But I wanted something I could listen to during my full time job.

So what better way is there. Podcasts of course.

there are a few out there for photography. But not one dedicated to Fujifilm professionals. Until I came across a fairly new one called ‘The Fujicast’. It is not just for fujifilm users though, it has great info for all photographer. It is presented by 2 professional documentary style wedding photographers called, Kevin Mullins and Neale James.

By no means is this a mediocre quality production either. Neale worked in radio, the quality of the fujicast is by far the best I’ve listened too for any genre. With his passion for photography and the art of audio. It is sure not to disappoint any listener.

So what makes this podcast so great.

To start with its about photography. All things photography not just wedding style. Which if you do, its a great podcast to listen to their approach.

Second the chemistry between the 2 presenters. They seem to be true friends that have a amazing passion for the community. They both have great banter between each other also. They both have come from a 9-5 office job and jumped feet first into an industry completely opposite to what they are use too. Listening/reading about Kevin tell his story before life as a photographer. He used to Get on a train in the early hours of the morning, get to his desk, working his shift, then spending 2 hours on a train home. Day in day out. Not getting home till late. Then one day going home telling his wife (that’s holding a their new born baby) he’s quit and going to be a wedding photographer. But never owned a camera is the best part of this story. Now he has gone on to have a successful career and became a Fujifilm x photographer. His work is amazing you should check it out. I think this is something I love about the podcast. The fact I work a 9-5 doing the same day in day out thing, thinking it’s impossible to go in to a whole new field like this. Now I have a mortgage and responsibilities. But listening to them speak gives you inspiration to work your arse off to succeed. If your not happy in what you do, change it life is too short to be stuck hating your job.

They also currently are giving free camera straps away to their favourite questions that get asked. So start listening and getting in touch to ask questions.

It’s every week as well, no long breaks between each episode like other podcasts. Uploaded every Monday with out fail so far. Consistency I think is something that is making their community grow so fast.

They also have great interviews with other photographers as giving you great insight into other industries.

what are you waiting for go give them a listen and let me know what you think. You will not be disappointed.

My First Wedding Highlight Reel

I thought I would share my very first wedding highlight reel I produced for my sister in law and her husband.

By no means is this amazing but this was a special wedding for me. I got to see one of my oldest friend (the bride) that I have grown up with since preschool.

I am lucky enough to be part of this family and thought it would be nice to try and capture my view of the day and give as a gift for them to remember their special day. I also was enjoying the day celebrating the occasion as this is what it was about and didn’t put pressure on my self.

I believe I caught some lovely moments that not everyone will have seen. I love the candid shots as you get to see the real emotion rather than things that have been staged. All in all I think it turned out good and more important the bride and groom was happy with this gift. Just a note the original was created to an actual song but obviously can not share as that would be copy right. It was only for them. The music in this edit was for online so people could see their day as well.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did capturing and editing. Let me know what you think.