How You Can Afford Expensive Camera Gear: Matti Haapoja

Matti Haapoja is an awesome youtuber. In this video he goes in to what it took him, to be able to buy expensive gear.

No bull ways of trying to make money. Just pure hard truths of what it takes when starting out. If you haven’t heard of Matti definitely go check his channel out. He has a few employees so he is able to smash out great content vlogs/reviews/tutorials.

Thought this was a great video to share for people dreaming of new gear. let me know what you think.


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  1. Yeah my camera is definitely worth double what my car is. But their combined value is still only about 3K Canadian. Love Matti’s philosophy.

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    1. Matt Latham says:

      Lol mine gear isn’t far off. Definitely will be when I start buying fuji lenses. Yeah it’s just truthful advice, you have to sacrifice thing and save.

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