Editing software I use & why.

Short Answer Capture One Pro, Affinity Photo and Davinci Resolve. But why not use adobe and be in their ecosystem.

For one thing I am only just starting to take this photography & videography seriously. I can not justify the monthly subscription.

Capture One Pro 12

I switched to capture one pro because of the adobe ‘trying out’ doubling the photography plan. I am not having the worry of them increasing prices to double what they were. So i switched while i can and learn a new software. It maybe a big out lay to start with but do you really need constant updates. If you pay the £300 for capture one pro 12 what just over 10 a month for 2 years. You can get it even cheaper if you use Sony or Fujifilm cameras however you can only use those cameras depending on which one you buy. Which I am doing for £109 on offer for Fuji only. I would only upgrade to the next version if it offers enough useful features to do so.

One of the main things I love about capture one is the work flow with sessions in stead of a massive library. I don’t have to import all my photos in to one big library and sort them out. Sessions creates a folder where ever you like on your hard drive. Which then has other folders inside ‘Capture’ for all your files you want to edit, ‘Output’ kind of obvious when you go to export all your files come in to this folder for that specific session. When you open the session all the files you placed into the capture folder are there ready to go in the software. But the best part about this is. I can put the sessions folder on an external hard drive and edit on any computer with capture one and not use a cloud service. So if I end up on the go I can edit on a laptop if needs be.

Affinity Photo

Well is there much to say for this one. the time i purchased it £40 when on offer. A photoshop alternative that does everything I need. I will be using this to process all the non Fuji raw files as I only have the Fuji capture one license. I have tried converting my canon Raws to tiffs then saved to edit in capture one Fuji which worked but file sizes are massive. I will also use this program to create panoramas, remove items out of photos, maybe if I get in to some portrait stuff I will be doing some retouching, sky replacements never done this before but this will save me time of actually waiting for the perfect sky for a certain shot I want. Is that cheating or just using the tools you have I know there will be perfectionist that would prefer to do everything in camera. Also I will use this software to create LUTs for Davinci resolve. I can export a frame out of the video editing software and load into affinity. Edit with the look I want export for as a look up table and import into Davinci saving time.

Davinci Resolve

First its FREE. But its not like other free video editing software where it cripples the quality to 1080 or some worse. The free davinci Resolve lets you edit and export in 4k. I have recently imported 4k 24p 400mpbs F-Log footage from my fuji xt3 and it works great. Mind you we will see how my computer handles an actual edit at that quality it may fall on it’s A…. I will probably have to drop the quality to 200mpbs but we will see.


These are the only 3 pieces of software I require to do photography and Videograhpy. I would have to subscribe to all apps to use adobe just to use Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere Pro which would be £50 a month £600 a year and I don’t need the other applications. No Thanks. I have out layed £150 and thats it. £109 for Capture One Pro Fujifilm 12 (on offer usually £219). If i require to upgrade to the pro if i buy a different camera system down the road. It will not cost as much to upgrade. No brainier right. I do have canon raw files but if I want to edit these I will just use affinity photo now or convert the files I want to edit to TIFF. This is my take for my situation. You have to look at your own requirements and think what is really best for your own personal situation. What do you really need the software to do.

Hopefully this will be enough for me to start actually making a career out of something I love doing. I want to be able to travel more and have more free time with my partner. Its going to be a lot of work after a career in engineering the past 11 years. But if i don’t try now i will never. I don’t want to be looking back in life and thinking I should of done this and that.

Enough of the rambling.

A few questions for anyone reading this.

What software are you using? It would be interesting to see what others are creating on.

If photography and videography is your career. How did you start out/What field are you in?


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