Where I want my photography/Videography to be in 3 years

Where do I want to be in three years from now with my photography & videography.
Well previously this was going to be a dedicated blog to stock photography and just to top my 9 to 5 income up with a little extra. But after sales basically dropping off the face of the earth. I want to concentrate on the actual craft of photography and get the passion back I had before I concentrated on stock.

I love my 9 to 5 job… ok maybe not love but it’s a great job. I get to work on some amazing projects and in the short time I’ve been doing my job I have been successful on climbing the ladder. But I am at that point of always fantasising about turning my 5 to 9 into my 9 to 5. 5 to 9 been my hobby photography. O my 9 to 5 job is. BIM Coordinator – I coordinate (obviously) building services in side new/old buildings like hospitals, universities etc.

Year 1 – rest of 2019

Year one let’s keep it simple and just say it’s the last six months of this year.

  • Create a blog post series and stick to a scheduled day. Before and after Friday. To show the photos I get out of camera and the final edit. This would be a biweekly post. Hopefully I do not run out of interesting photos.
  • Create a Capture One Style to give away for free. This one is an easy task once a month I would like to create a capture one style for anyone to download for free. Could create these from the before and after edits.
  • Create a blog post weekly. Well the top 2 takes care of 3 post a month.
  • Just Say YES. Recently I have had a few people ask my partner if they thought I would shoot their event. like their wedding from my point of view like a documentary style video/photography and they would even pay. And every time she asks me… my reply was always no I’m not into that type of photography. Translation ‘I don’t want to f@*k up, what if they turn out horrible, I’m not a professional’. Well with that mentality turning my 5 to 9 in to my 9 to 5 isn’t going to happen anytime soon is it. So from now on I will just say yes and go with it. I will do it for free as it will give me experience, and takes any pressure off not coming through with decent images. Then if they like what I have done they can offer to pay. As long as I’m honest and open and make sure they understand the situation it should be fine.
  • Create a YouTube channel. This is to hopefully drive more traffic to this website, I have commented on videos with links to this site for the IOS 13 post i did and a lot of traffic has come through from it. The channel will only be for small clips to show the capture one styles I produce.
  • Stop stock photography only upload stock videos to Blackbox. I am stopping uploading stock photography. I will only upload video clips that are any good from now on to a website called Blackbox. you upload once to this site and they upload to around 5 other sites taking a small cut of the income you receive from each clip that sells. I recently sold my first video clip with them earning around $27. It will be worthwhile just to use this site from now on saving so much time.
  • Create Video LUTs to give away for free. Same as the capture one styles I am looking to create video LUTs now that I have a camera to shoots in Log format i can create different styles for video clips.

Year 2 – 2020

Much the same as year one but now with the addition of:

  • Prints. Start to add images to this website I think people might enjoy and may even purchase as to hang up. This would be few and far in between as it would only be anything I thought looks amazing. I do not just want to throw every image up.
  • Bucket shots. This may go in hand with the prints. I would like to start to plan trips and certain images I would like to capture. Creating a blog post of how I go about it any down falls etc. These will most likely be the images I create a store for on Etsy.
  • Capture one styles. Start to charge a small amount for styles. Obviously giving them away for free will never produce an income. But it obviously drives traffic through. Everyone likes free stuff, the numbers have shown that since ive create the first 3. But it will have to come to an end eventually. I may create free styles from the before and after series and keep giving them away if they are quick and easy edits. But certain looks I sit down to create I may create a pack to sell for a very small amount to help keep this site going.
  • Video LUTs. Same as capture one styles start to sell LUTs for a small price. depending if free LUTs do well.

Year 3 – 2021

Year three is to keep consistent with the two years above. If they are going well it will be a year to review and see where else i can take my photography /videography journey.

If you started a career in photography and videography complete opposite to the career you was doing. How did you go about it and how long did it take you to turn your hobby in to a career do you regret it?


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