Goodbye Canon I’m Switching to Fujifilm XT-3

A short post to update.

This was definitely an impulse thing.

I have been shooting with canon since I got into photography beginning of 2017. Mainly because of the name and build quality of their cameras. Then I started getting in to shooting videos as well with my 80D it was kind of ok 1080p at 60fps.

This day and age though 4K is definitely more the norm now. Unless I was willing to fork out around 6k for a 1dx mark II to get the video capability I wanted with canon it was time to bite the bullet and switch systems. I still would love 1DX but I like to travel light and that thing is huge and another reason I wanted to switch systems.

Personally I believe canon has fallen behind when it comes to incorporating video into their DSLRs. I would say most people like an all in one system rather than having to buy a camera for photos and a separate video camera.

With starting to try and add video clips to stock sites as well I wanted to up my game in quality 1080p from my 80D isn’t the best. I’m starting to think I might waste my time uploading loads of clips I took on my holiday with the 80D. I will have to make a judgment call on that when I start looking through them all. A few might make it up there. Also the whole stock photography thing may need to have a re think. Beginning of this year I started to see massive improvements but past few sales have had a massive drop off but that’s for another post.

So to summarise reasons for switching systems from canon 80D to Fujifilm XT-3:

  • Weight of camera body and lenses
  • Size/portability
  • Video quality/specs
  • The ability to shoot in log
  • Eye tracking
  • Ability to shoot photos at 30fps
  • 2 SD card slots

I am currently waiting for it to arrive but will do a review once it’s here and had maybe a month or so to play around with it.

Have any of you been with a brand and decided to switch systems if so what were your reasons?


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