12 Youtubers To Learn Photography From

You should always look at other peoples work. It helps you improve and understand techniques. These 12 YouTube channels have definitely helped me improve. Check them out they range from all types of photography.

These are the first channels that came to mind. There are plenty more you can find and learn. These are just a few to get started.

1. Peter McKinnon

Peter Mckinnon must be the fastest channel to reach 1 million subscribers. If you watch you will see why. This is the channel that sparked my interest in photography.

2. Art of Photography

A great community to be apart of. Ted Forbes videos are very informative. He also gives his community photo challenges which he then features on his channel.

3. F Stoppers

F Stoppers have a great community. Their content ranges from every aspect of photography and presented very well.

4. Thomas Heaton

Thomas Heatons channel is for you landscape photographers out there. Gives great advise how to improve your landscape photography. Also great videos just to see some amazing locations out of reach of most people.

5. Julia Trotti

In to portraits & fashion Julia Trottis channel is great for this. I do not focus on portraits but I love to learn new techniques and with my mrs been a make up artist I want to improve in this area.

6. The Bite Shot

For you food photographers The Bite Shot gives you a great insight in how to up your game when taking your own food photos.

7. Tony & Chelsea Northrup

Tony & Chelseas offer a wide range of videos from photography tutorials to review. Check out their latest tripod video of peak designs first travel tripod.

8. Jessica Kobeissi

Another great youtuber to watch if you are in to portraits and fashion. I have learnt alot about skin retouching here within photoshop. I definitely need more practice.

9. Mango Street

Mango street videos are short and easy to follow. Giving great advice to help you up your photography game.

10. Sawyer Hartman

Sawyer Hartman another great youtuber out there giving great advice for photographers. Like the one below where he goes and learns how to master lighting from one of the best in the buisness.

11. SLR Lounge

This is a recent one I came across through FStoppers. Pye is an awesome wedding/portrait photographer. SLR Lounge do product reviews, tutorials and Community photo critique which is very useful to see what would make an image better.

12. We Eat Together

Last but not least. We Eat Together if you haven’t guessed is another food photography channel. Great video tutorials which help you understand how to make your food photography better.

Which youtubers do you watch to learn and improve your photography. Let me know it will be great to find new channels to watch and learn from.


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  1. Such a good list! I’m so thankful for these amazing people who put out all this inspiring and educational content. It’s a completely different world from ten years ago, when I was trying to learn photography from library books. (No wonder I gave up back then.) You’ve got a few on there I haven’t heard of, that I will definitely check out. I’ve also been watching Nathan Cool and Rich Baum for architecture/real estate photography. They definitely aren’t as entertaining as, say, Peter McKinnon (love him!), but they really know their stuff.

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    1. The Average Contributor says:

      The list could have gone on and on. I defiantly could not of learned from books lol visuals and actually doing is my learning preference. Oooo never heard of those I will be checking them out thank you.

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