It’s Time To Switch Things Up.

Even though I have been improving on my uploading to stock websites and income did increase beginning few months of this year. Some how sales have dropped off massively. So it’s time to think what I want to do to make money with photography.

At the moment I am uploading anything and everything, this is wasting so much time and effort. I am losing my weekends going out specifically to capture stock photos and edit/upload them. I spend far to much time in front of a computer to edit and add metadata.

The fact I am concentrating on stock photography as well is not giving me the same passion as before for photography. And now with my full time job burning me out I want to enjoy my weekends taking photos for the fun of it and get the passion back.

To start with I am going to stop shooting photos for stock sites. I may still upload photos/videos now and again. But all in all I will not be concentrating on taking photos for stock sites while I am out with my camera.

The direction I want to go going forward:

  1. Start taking photos for the fun of it and enjoy been out looking for photos for myself. (Once my new camera arrives after trading in my canon gear)
  2. Take more time to create content for this blog, tutorials, reviews, downloadable content. This is something I can do during my dinner breaks at work.
  3. Eventually create a Store (unsure where maybe Etsy) for photos I love and think people may purchase. This will probably be landscapes only but we shall see.
  4. Create presets for capture one and video LUTs for people to use. This is something I can give away to start with then look at selling down the line. If your using capture one I have added 3 to the site now for free. Check them out HERE
  5. Then lastly I would like to try and take photography and video a little further and try work with companies. This will have to be for free to start with to learn practice and get the experience/confidence to start charging and take it further.

It is not to say stock photography/video is bad to make money people can. It’s definitely not a quick source of income and it is not something I’m willing to put all my focus in. If you want to do stock photos and video you do need to put a lot of effort into it with how saturated the market is for little return.

This post was just a quick update on what I have been thinking lately.

What are your thoughts on stock photography is it worth the effort for people just getting in to it?

If your doing photography for a living how did you get into it?


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