Time to say goodbye to Adobe’s Photography Plan.

Goodbye Adobe photography plan… My new contract renews in June so best for me to leave now before the price hike which is expected. Not that it is shown in the photo above. People have been reporting seeing the photography plan double in price. Adobe have come out saying they are testing the new price to see if people will still buy it. if you are set on sticking with adobe may be best to buy the annual plans now before they do go up.

Paying just under £10 at the moment is great for my hobby to keep up to date with the latest software. Have the ability to use the cloud across multiple devices. And using stock photography to hopefully pay for it each month was a reality. Still could use stock photography to pay for it but at the moment I have not reached £20 a month.

I just can not justify spending over £200 a year on software. I really have a problem with subscription base platforms no matter what it is. They all seem great at £10 amonth for music tv etc. But next thing you know you are spending a small fortune a year when combined.

I am tight when it comes to money (unless I want camera gear delightfulness). Especially when it comes to a subscription for certain things. Music been one, I want to own a physical copy of the artist work, also they hardly make anything from streaming services (roughly $0.006 to $0.008 according to google). When it comes to software I see the benifits for subscriptions as you will always want the latest updates using it proffesinally for a business depending on the software you need.

But which software to switch too. I could try go the free route but I’ve tried a few and didn’t get on with them. Probably would if I spent alot more time to learn, but I’m impatient and like software to have an easy learning curve. With that been said I am going to download the 30 day free trial for capture one towards the end of the month, just before I cancel my adobe plan. I see this been the potential replacement. No subscription required. One off payment. Only upgrade when I like if ever.

Its cost £299 out right, just under £100 more than a subscription to adobes new plan if price stays at £10 a month, but there will be no real reason to upgrade each year. Unless there is a major update. I think I will still need to get a photoshop alternative. Possibly Affinity Photo looks like there will be no issues changing to this piece of software it is also really cheap to buy out right. Hopefully I can just get away with Capture one though.

What do you guys think of the new price plan, are you willing to pay for it?

If you were thinking of purchasing the photography plan would the price hike make you think twice?

If you are not in the adobe ecosystem which software do you use?

Let me know what you think about it. Once I’ve had time to play around with Capture one I will share my experience.


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